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I am an independent escort in Goa. My name is Lavanya Menon and I like to travel new places. My eagerness to meet new people is something that drives me to work as an escort. I get so many offers from people to sleep with them. But, I am very choosy and I can’t sleep with every man. In my profession, it is allowed, but the person should be good and gentle. You can easily avail my sensuous services by calling me on my number. I am ready to meet you anytime and anywhere in Goa. My extreme desires can be easily met by you, if you consider me as a good companion. I will also give you complete support and allow you to touch my all secret parts. To maintain my fitness, I do a lot of workouts in the gym. Yoga is something I admire a lot. I ensure to do all those activates that my clients want from me.

independent escort in Goa

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